Bourbon and Baker Featuring Revitalized Happy Hour

Bourbon and Baker is introducing their new and revamped Happy Hour; Monday through Friday from 2 to 6 p.m. Everything on tap including wine, beer and cocktails are only $3.50 as well as half off select menu items.

The concept of Happy Hour is not new for Bourbon and Baker, however the recent change of time have proven to be a great deal more popular than the previous hours were. The prior Happy Hour was Monday through Friday from 3 to 5 p.m., concluding before most people were off work, which was not ideal for many of their customers. Now people have a longer window of time to enjoy the great deals. Additionally Bourbon and Baker can “hold” items for customers, meaning that as long as the order was placed during Happy Hour, the pricing will be honored regardless of when it’s brought out to the table.

Marin Willis, waitress at Bourbon and Baker, said that she has noticed her customers being much happier with the new system.


“I have definitely noticed it being more popular now and people will come in specifically for Happy Hour,” Willis said. “It’s especially good for people just getting off work to stop in and still be able to take advantage of the special prices.”


Bourbon and Baker has plenty of additional reasons to enjoy is unique dining experience, including:

  • Midwestern and southern influenced small-plate concept food.
  • Full service bar featuring creative cocktails, an impressive bourbon list, and house made specialty cocktails and wine on tap.
  • Unique bakery items and made-to-order cakes, cookies and breads.


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