863 is a popular local bar and grill in Aggieville.  A restaurant during the day and a bar at night, 1863 caters to the Manhattan community’s food and nightlife needs.  The restaurant serves as a classic bar food destination with the regular favorites from burgers to buffalo wings.  With nothing out of the ordinary for their menu they make sure to do what they do well.  1863 does take on more of its own identity at night though.  With all kinds of drinks and shots, they keep it interesting with things like what is known as a LAX Bomb (consisting of a shot you light on fire, then inhale the alcohol, and then drink the shot) and the shot ski (literally a ski that holds three shots, ensuring that three people take the shot at the same time).  One downside to the restaurant is that they only serve dinner.

1863 has somewhat of a dark interior with mostly natural wood furnishings.  It takes on a bit of an aged feel as you can tell the place has seen some traffic.  The interior as a whole is simple and hosts a few local artists pairings to keep it interesting.  1863 is one large open room with a large bar in the back right and a small patio out front.  Unfortunately 1863 has yet to produce a website, but you can check them out on their Facebook page.



  • 5:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m. Monday – Saturday
  • Closed Sunday
  • Take-out Available

Pricing (excluding tax and gratuity):

  • Appetizers Price Range: $4.00 – $10.00
  • Entrees Price Range: $6.00 – $12.00
  • Drinks Price Range (including specials): $2.00 – $14.00


  • Checks, cash and all credit or debit cards accepted


704 N Manhattan Ave

Manhattan, KS 66502

Phone: N/A

Hours: 12am – 3am

Th Fri Sat

Located just behind the main store, the Varsity Donut food truck is known locally as a nightcap to an evening in Aggieville. The truck is a retro twist on the classic donut experience. It is a loud and vibrant venue, which usually features at least one or two spirited individuals. It offers hot and fresh donuts as well as unique eats like grilled mac and cheese and slices of bacon.

Cost: $1- $12


Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover


“Manhattan’s premier honky tonk,” Dirty Dawg Saloon is located on the edge of Aggieville offers patrons a venue to enjoy country music, dancing, and drinks. Open Wednesday through Saturday, it is an 18+ venue, making it a popular choice among students and locals.

The space includes two bars, a dance floor, and several pool tables, providing entertainment for everyone. Dirty Dawg Saloon has also hosted multiple concerts, including Granger Smith ft. Earl Dibbles, Casey Donahew Band, Kyle Park, Bart Crow Band, Backroad Anthem, Roger Creager, and others. Tickets for these concerts are often affordable even for the average college student, with prices typically ranging from $7 to $25.

On a non-concert night, there is no cover charge for anyone 21+, however, those under the age of 21 must pay a $5 cover. Friday nights always offer drink specials for ladies, with drink specials happening on other nights as well. For more information on nightly drink specials, follow them on Hours:
8:00 pm- 2:00 am Wednesday
8:00 pm- 2:00 am Thursday
8:00 pm- 2:00 am Friday
8:00 pm- 2:00 am Saturday

Address: 531 N. Manhattan Ave.

(785) 320-5378


Walk in Kansas State’s Student Union at any time of the day and you will see a line wrapping around Caribou Coffee. All morning there is a constant flow of people attempting to get their daily caffeine fix. As a result, barista’s must be incredibly fast paced. Sarah Whitmore and Phillicia Thomas, baristas at Caribou Coffee in the Student Union, shared their favorite tips to getting the correct coffee order and beating the lines.

During Busy Hours (7 a.m. to noon)

CaribouOne of the biggest things agreed upon by both baristas is that people absolutely cannot whisper, especially during busy time. Between the amount of people at Caribou and the noise from the espresso machine it can make it difficult to hear. Thomas also added that a problem during busy time is that people will just assume a drink is theirs and not listen to the name called, as a result taking someone else’s order.

Whitmore’s tip if you don’t have a lot of time but want a quick coffee: skip anything with espresso. Those drinks take the longest to make. Rather, opt for a cold press or daily brew and add your own milk and flavor.

While the busy times can be stressful, both baristas love their jobs.

“I love working at Caribou because you constantly get to talk to people and know what is going on in the Union,” said Thomas.

 Other TimesCaribou 2

Always specify if you want a drink made cold or blended. If you do not specify, it will always be made hot. This is a frustrating problem for baristas since it sets them back because they must remake the beverage. Another common woe is customers ordering drinks from other coffee chains.

When is the best time to get coffee?

Both baristas agreed, after 1 p.m. is absolutely the best time to order a drink. There are often no lines and you can get your drink faster.

Is There A Secret Menu?

While there is no specified “secret menu”, every barista has their own personal concoction that is available if people ask.

“My secret drink is pretty basic, it is just our cold press coffee with either vanilla or hazelnut flavor added. It’s classic and good, “ said Whitmore. Thomas’s secret drink is a Raspberry Sparkling Peach Black Tea.

Here is something for all caribou fans to look forward to, later in spring they are going to debut coconut flavor that can be added to any drink. Visit Caribou Coffee’s website for more information and product details.

Genesis Health Club to open new facilities in Manhattan

On Tuesday, February 3rd, Genesis Health Club announced the purchase of the Max Fitness gym clubs in Manhattan, KS. Genesis currently operates 20 clubs in various cities across the state, such as Wichita, Salina, Lawrence, Hutchinson, Emporia, Leavenworth, McPherson, and Topeka. They also have clubs in St. Joseph and Springfield, Missouri.

Genesis plans to build a brand new location on the hilltop of 2704 Allison Avenue and 0000 Fort Riley Blvd. The 65,000 sq. foot club will include indoor pools, indoor tennis courts, and a basketball court with an outlining track. The company promises to provide spacious weight rooms and cardio areas, as well as amenities the other locations offer to this new gym. Construction is planned to start in July and the new club will open a year later.

The purchase of Max Fitness will allow the company to currently do business in the area until the new building is finished. When it is complete, the new club will replace the recently bought Max Fitness West, which is located at 3011 Anderson Avenue. The current east location, 405 E. Poyntz Avenue, will remain in business as Genesis.

Genesis Manhattan West will provide amenities such as:

  • Access to all Genesis Health Clubs with exception of Rock Road, Wichita
  • Childcare
  • Weekly group fitness classes
  • MaxFit
  • Shake and smoothie bar
  • State of the art equipment

Genesis Manhattan East will provide amenities such as:

  • Access to all Genesis Health Clubs with exception of Rock Road, Wichita
  • Childcare
  • Weekly group fitness classes
  • Shake and smoothie bar
  • State of the art equipment

Bourbon and Baker Featuring Revitalized Happy Hour

Bourbon and Baker is introducing their new and revamped Happy Hour; Monday through Friday from 2 to 6 p.m. Everything on tap including wine, beer and cocktails are only $3.50 as well as half off select menu items.

The concept of Happy Hour is not new for Bourbon and Baker, however the recent change of time have proven to be a great deal more popular than the previous hours were. The prior Happy Hour was Monday through Friday from 3 to 5 p.m., concluding before most people were off work, which was not ideal for many of their customers. Now people have a longer window of time to enjoy the great deals. Additionally Bourbon and Baker can “hold” items for customers, meaning that as long as the order was placed during Happy Hour, the pricing will be honored regardless of when it’s brought out to the table.

Marin Willis, waitress at Bourbon and Baker, said that she has noticed her customers being much happier with the new system.


“I have definitely noticed it being more popular now and people will come in specifically for Happy Hour,” Willis said. “It’s especially good for people just getting off work to stop in and still be able to take advantage of the special prices.”


Bourbon and Baker has plenty of additional reasons to enjoy is unique dining experience, including:

  • Midwestern and southern influenced small-plate concept food.
  • Full service bar featuring creative cocktails, an impressive bourbon list, and house made specialty cocktails and wine on tap.
  • Unique bakery items and made-to-order cakes, cookies and breads.